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You Can Trust a Skinny Cook

As the co-author of the bestseller Cook Yourself Thin and the co-host of the Lifetime show by the same name, Allison Fishman knows a thing or two about healthy cooking. In YOU CAN TRUST A SKINNY COOK (Wiley Hardcover; April 12, 2011; $29.95) Fishman teaches home cooks how to stay trim—without giving up the good things in life. This book will equip readers with a variety of cooking techniques that allow them to make smart and tasty choices in the kitchen.

Fishman offers up 140 recipes that cover every meal of the day, from soups and salads, to main courses and side dishes—even desserts and snacks! Each recipe includes a complete nutritional profile, so people following Weight Watchers, South Beach, or other programs can easily incorporate these meals into their daily routine. Recipes include handy “Kitchen Tips” that make cooking simple, and “Skinny Kitchen Tips” offer suggestions on how to cut calories without losing flavor.

YOU CAN TRUST A SKINNY COOK was created with the home cook in mind. Before making the cut, each recipe had to pass the following tests:

  1. 1.   Are the ingredients in this recipe easy to find?
  2. 2.   Is the recipe easy to make?
  3. 3.   Will you have fun when you make this at home?
  4. 4.   Will you be proud of what you made? (Will your friends and family lick their plates?)
  5. 5.   Does it taste good? Really good?

After all, if it isn’t fun to make and it doesn’t taste terrific, who cares if it’s lower in calories?

These recipes are so tasty, no one will believe they're good for you — recipes like Slow Roasted Salmon with Lemon Dill Sauce (352 calories), where roasting intensifies flavor without adding fat; Sausage and Peppers (298 calories), which saves calories by substituting super-flavorful spicy and sweet chicken sausages instead of the traditional pork version; New England Clam Chowder (221 calories) that uses pureed potatoes to replicate the thick, rich texture of cream; and even decadent desserts like Carrot Cake, complete with cream cheese frosting (269 calories) — just remove one cup of oil from the batter and substitute extra carrots to keep the cake moist to make room for the delicious, signature frosting.

YOU CAN TRUST A SKINNY COOK is the only guide home cooks need to eat the foods they love in a healthy way. So live it up without giving anything up!