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Chasing the Monster Idea

“It’s a great idea – the best idea anyone has ever thought of. And why wouldn’t it be? I’m the one who thought of it!” said savvy marketing executive. What if this great idea doesn’t turn into everything a marketer thought it would? What’s the difference between a decent idea and a monster of an idea? In the world of marketing and advertising, that’s not a simple question. Of course, with the befit of some hindsight, it’s easy to see a monster idea for what it is, but what about before taking that leap of faith and investing resources and energy in the idea?

Many businesses and marketers are often too close to a project or an idea to discern a good idea from a mediocre idea, and a great idea from a monster of an idea. Advertising professional and author of the new book, Chasing the Monster Idea:  The Marketer's Almanac for Predicting Idea Epicness, Stefan Mumaw has a seven-step process for gauging the potential of any big idea. Based on real-world examples and anecdotes from some of the world’s most prominent marketers and businesspeople, Stefan can discuss tips to help marketers recognize a monster idea and explore the questions used to determine whether an idea has the potential for a truly explosive idea or the makings of a fizzling dud.

Stefan can also discuss topics such as:

  • Idea measurement tools in the form of seven primary questions to gauge the potential of any idea.
  • How these seven questions are supported by real-world examples of ideas that succeeded in winning over their audience, as well as those that ignored the measurement and failed miserably.
  • Warnings and anecdotes from some of the world's most prominent creatives, marketing teams, and business professionals
  • At times, passion can cloud reason – Stefan can discuss tips on judging an idea on its own merit without bias or emotion