Eliminate the Chaos at Work: 25 Techniques to Increase Productivity

ISBN: 978-0-470-87899-6
240 pages
March 2011
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March 14, 2011
Hoboken, NJ

Eliminate the Chaos at Work

A cluttered workplace, an inbox with hundreds of emails, a voicemail light that continues to blink, a to-do list that never seems to shrink. All of these issues occur on almost a daily basis and can bring an unwarranted amount of stress and chaos to every work day.

To help those looking for advice on creating an office, and work life, that feels under control, instead of overwhelming the founder of Eliminating Chaos, an organizing and productivity firm, Laura Leist's the new book, Eliminate the Chaos at Work: 25 Techniques to Increase Productivity discusses some organization and de-stressing skills. The book breaks down the everyday organization and productivity challenges faced at work into four areas: time, paper, information management, and managing all of the clutter in an office.

Eliminate the Chaos at Work touches on how to increase peace of mind and effective time and information management skills, including how to:

  • Schedule and manage meetings that aren't total time-wasters
  • Implement a system to process and follow up on e-mail
  • Create an organized e-mail filing structure for easy retrieval
  • Produce logical, custom information-management systems tailored to your business to ensure information is organized, easily retrievable, secure, and backed up, as well as foolproof ways to maintain them
  • Use the PAPERS method for maintaining efficient paper management systems
  • Use the twenty-minute rule