Beyond Wealth: The Road Map to a Rich Life

ISBN: 978-1-118-02761-5
320 pages
May 2011
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May 04, 2011
Hoboken, NJ

Beyond Wealth; The Road Map to a Rich Life

With the recent economy rocking once-stable incomes across the nation, many people have found out first hand that money, or even wealth, cannot be one’s sole key to happiness or success. According to financial writer, New York Times bestselling author and nationally acclaimed investment advisor, Alexander Green, true wealth has more to do with one’s character and what one brings to the world than the money they have in the bank.

In Green’s insightful and inspiring new book, Beyond Wealth; The Road Map to a Rich Life he shares a blueprint for personal prosperity that explores the unique relationship between money, wealth and personal fulfillment. Green looks beyond traditional measures of wealth to explore how a rich life is one of significance, not just financial success.

A generous, wide-ranging inquiry into what matters most, Beyond Wealth is a guide to what the author calls "True Wealth." As Green observes, money creates wealth, but so do character, conscience, attitude, and wisdom. Only by incorporating each of these elements into one’s day-to-day existence can one experience what the ancients called "the good life."

In addition to a combination of personal anecdotes with provocative insights and timeless truths, Beyond Wealth is also a book of contemplations, promoting both greater understanding and deep reflection. The book contains more than 65 commentaries on topics ranging from love, health, leisure, honor, courage, trust, philosophy, history, science, and spirituality. The author's perspective on each subject is broadened and deepened by liberal quotations from many of the world's great philosophers from Ancient times right through to the Modern Era, including from Shakespeare, Thoreau, Emerson, Gandhi, Einstein and Tolstoy.

The book reveals insights such as:

  • Fail-proof, time-tested strategies to help achieve maximum success in one’s business and personal life 
  • A concrete plan to guide readers on the shortest and most direct route to "True Wealth.”
  • How richness is a matter of money, character, philosophy, outlook and attitude
  • The needs of a vibrant economy are the requirements for happiness as individuals
  • The most critical knowledge is not any particular skill but rather wisdom about "how to live”

Beyond Wealth is a thought provoking read, guaranteed to ennoble, uplift, inspire, as well as surprise and delight readers.