Why Building Type Basics

From Series Founder and Editor Stephen A. Kliment, FAIA

The practice of architecture has of late become vastly more democratic. Today, the prodigious volume of construction commissioned by growing numbers of patrons has led specialist firms to expand to take on an extra volume of work, while more and more firms have become generalists, ready to take on design commissions across a multitude of building types. Within those firms, project designers and managers move routinely from handling a familiar building type to taking on others where they may lack experience.

Owners, too, are affected. Many of the new patrons of architecture lack experience in the arcane processes of selecting, then collaborating with their architect to obtain the best possible building, on time and on budget.

Accordingly, the need has arisen for a one-stop source for the essential information architects need to fast-start the design process, and that owners need in order to become aware of the decisions they need to make. Others too are in need of this type of information--engineering and specialty consultants, as well as academics and students eager to bone up on a building type that will become the subject of the next studio problem.

Enter Wiley's new Building Type Basics Series. The volumes planned to date include the principal building categories, each subdivided into their major subtypes.

Each volume provides critical information on the process, design concerns, potential problems, and recent trends, along with relevant coverage of energy issues and mechanical systems, structure, lighting and acoustical issues, security, way finding, and more. Each volume supplies answers to a standardized set of twenty questions that typically arise in the early phases of a commission, using abundant photographs diagrams, floor plans and sections, details, and case studies.

The series is an invaluable guide to busy professionals who want to get moving quickly as they embark on a new project.

Stephen A. Kliment, FAIA
Series founder and editor

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