Praise for Janice VanCleave's Books

Janice VanCleave’s books are so popular that they are some of the books we check out of our university curriculum lab most often to undergraduate students, teachers, parents, and children. The books are interesting, are on popular topics, and have wonderful directions for activities. Our student teachers and new teachers often comment about how useful the VanCleave books are.”

-- Janet Jordan, a college professor who trains teachers

“I first discovered the Janice VanCleave books when I was still teaching school over 7 years ago. I was impressed with the quality of the books as well as their simplicity. They use items that can be found in the home or the local store, if the item is harder to find, Ms. VanCleave gives suggestions as to where it may be located. The activities are short and well explained so that either the parent or the student (if they are of reading age) can understand what point the activity is trying to communicate.

I have been using her materials for at least 3 years now in teaching science to my boys. I highly recommend her materials to anyone wanting to teach (and learn more about) science in an enjoyable and simple way.”

-- Jane Kemp, homeschooling mother of two children

“My students were fortunate to test many of Janice VanCleave’s hands-on activities. The lessons and activities served as valuable tools for our program.

-- Nancy Cherry, professor at Lambuth University