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Janice VanCleave is everybody’s favorite science teacher! With sales of more than 2 million copies, her books show just how fun and exciting science can be. They’re brimming with cool projects and experiments that use inexpensive household materials—and help turn ordinary young people into enthusiastic junior scientists.

A former school teacher, Janice VanCleave taught science in public schools, science method courses in college, and science curriculum development courses for numerous districts and organizations. In addition to writing, VanCleave also works directly with children and adults through her “Fun With Science” workshops held at libraries, schools, museums, and bookstores throughout the United States.

Janice VanCleave books appeal to kids, parents, and teachers alike because of her unique mix of science with fun activities, her simple explanations of science topics, and the way she uses everyday materials for all of her experiments.

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