Volume 1 Book Description

This book includes common data models for such as ordering and managing products, handling shipments, invoicing, accounting and budgeting, managing human resources, contact management, and project management.

This book replaces the 1997 “The Data Model Resource Book: A Library of Logical Data Models and Data Warehouse Designs”. All of the data models have been enhanced and you’ll find new and expanded models for call center management, product customization, shipping and receiving, budgeting scenarios, and employee qualification and performance. New data mart designs are also provided in this edition, including financial analysis, inventory management, and shipping logistics.

If you have purchased an older version of the Volume 1 book, you'll notice a CD-ROM in the back with a locked version of The Data Model Resource CD-ROM, Revised Edition, Volume 1. Newer versions of the Volume 1 book do not have the locked content. Instead, you need to order the Data Model Resource Volume 1 Standalone Full-Blown CD-ROM.

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