"The Handbook of Information Security is an impressive effort worthy of every information security professional and researcher. Its value is increased tremendously by its unique format, distinguished editor, editorial board, and authors. This new reference is also indicative of the attainment of information security as an important subject that is now being addressed extensively by the academic and research community. A must have reference!"
Donn B. Parker, CISSP
Author and retired senior information systems management consultant

"For the first time, the field of computer and information security has a resource that encompasses our entire field. Putting together the Handbook of Information Security was ambitious, and this project is an astonishing success, especially considering the magnitude of the undertaking. This book is a "must have" for anyone practicing or researching any aspect of computer security. As the field of electronic security matures, it is nice to see that a compendium such as this is available, with so much rich information in one place. What is truly remarkable is the breadth and depth of coverage."
Aviel D. Rubin
Professor, Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University
Technical Director, Information Security Institute
President, Independent Security Evaluators LLC

"The Handbook of Information Security written and illustrated by an impressive team of international computer security experts offers a comprehensive collection of thoughts and opinions on topics ranging from protocol and technical issues, to government policy and social concerns about privacy and identity theft. Each piece examines an aspect of security from the unique perspective of one or more experts, offering a collection of current thoughts that are not only broad in their coverage of subject matter but also in their depth of thought. I highly recommend the Handbook for students, managers, researchers, and others involved in the information security field."
Marcus H. Sachs
Deputy Director, Computer Science Laboratory, SRI International
Director, SANS Internet Storm Center

"In 30 years we have gone from a world where computer security simply meant good locks on the doors, to a world where information-based threats seem omnipresent. We need to worry about networks, viruses, software faults, intrusion detection, phishing, wireless, spam, identity theft, and literally hundreds of other topics. How can someone-especially someone not an expert in cybersecurity -- hope to understand these topics? One way is to consult a comprehensive work such as the Handbook of Information Security. Whether you need a quick explanation, or wish to explore an area in depth, this is a great place to start."
Eugene H. Spafford
Professor, Computer Sciences, and Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University
Executive Director, CERIAS

"Due to the development of the internet and the wireless infrastructure the field of information security has been gaining importance. Information security is a technical and scientific field that assures proper operation and immunity to attacks of the integrated global computing environment. The Handbook of Information Security is the right tool that presents important topics in the field in a comprehensive fashion, covering both technical and managerial issues. The Handbook is a valuable resource that is highly recommended to students, researchers and managers who deal with and need to understand the scope of information and network security."
Moti Yung, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist, Columbia University
Director, Advanced Authentication Research, RSA Laboratories