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History of Science (4)

Dawn of the Electronic Age: Electrical Technologies in the Shaping of the Modern World, 1914 to 1945  (0470260653) cover image
by Frederik Nebeker
March 2009, Paperback, Wiley-IEEE Press
US $74.95 Buy
History of Wireless (0471718149) cover image
by T. K. Sarkar, Robert Mailloux, Arthur A. Oliner, M. Salazar-Palma, Dipak L. Sengupta
January 2006, Hardcover, Wiley-IEEE Press
The Story of Electrical and Magnetic Measurements: From 500 BC to the 1940s (0780311930) cover image
by Joseph F. Keithley
January 1999, Paperback, Wiley-IEEE Press
Magnetic Recording: The First 100 Years (0780347099) cover image
by Eric D. Daniel (Editor), C. Denis Mee (Editor), Mark H. Clark (Editor)
August 1998, Paperback, Wiley-IEEE Press