Wiley's People (From the 2007 Bicentennial)

Publicly held, independently managed, and family-guided, Wiley has been sustained by its winning formula for two centuries and through seven generations. William J. Pesce, Wiley President & CEO, is the tenth president in Wiley’s 200 year history. Siblings Deborah, Peter, and Brad Wiley—members of the sixth generation involved in Company governance—are active leaders in the publishing industry and our local communities. Jesse Wiley, the first member of the seventh generation to work at Wiley, carries on the family tradition.

William J. Pesce
William J. Pesce
William J. Pesce joined Wiley in 1989 and was named President and Chief Executive Officer in 1998, becoming the tenth leader of the Company since its inception in 1807. During Will’s career at Wiley, the Company has consistently gained market share, improved profitability, and increased shareholder value through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions. Under his leadership, Wiley has consummated the largest and most successful acquisitions in its history and has introduced more new business models in the past five years than in its previous 195 years combined. A passionate advocate for Wiley’s culture, corporate integrity, and community involvement, Will strives to make Wiley “the place to be”—a company that values and respects colleagues as human beings first, and professionals second. Wiley’s unique culture has been recognized by The Financial Times, Working Mother magazine and FORTUNE magazine. Will plays a leadership role in Wiley’s Volunteer Program and serves on governing boards in the publishing industry and the higher education community.
Peter Booth Wiley is Chairman of the Board. A member of the sixth generation of the Wiley family to be involved in the Company, Peter joined the Wiley Board of Directors in 1984 and succeeded his brother, Bradford Wiley II, as chairman in September 2002. Over the past decade, Peter has further developed best governance practices at Wiley. His efforts include recruiting seven new directors who have enhanced the Board’s reputation for independence. During Peter’s tenure, Wiley has aggressively moved content online, in interactive and user-friendly applications. The Company has become a truly global enterprise with publishing operations around the world. Working Mother magazine and FORTUNE have both recognized Wiley for its exceptional workplace culture. A journalist and author, Peter has written five books, and his articles and columns have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, The Nation, among many other publications. Peter Booth Wiley
Peter Booth Wiley
Deborah Wiley
Deborah E. Wiley
Deborah E. Wiley is Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications. Deborah was the first member of the family's sixth generation and the first female member to join the business when she started at Wiley in 1968. During her tenure, Deborah has been instrumental in defining Wiley’s public leadership—in the publishing industry, in the scientific community, in local schools, and in our neighborhoods. As the former chairman of the National Book Foundation (1996-2007) and current chairman of the Association of American Publishers’ International Copyright Protection Committee, Deborah is an advocate for the publishing industry, and has worked extensively on copyright and piracy issues. Under her direction, the Wiley Foundation was established to bestow an annual Wiley Prize in Biomedical Sciences, first awarded in 2002, to recognize innovative research in the biomedical fields. She has led Wiley’s corporate giving programs for 20 years, and started Wiley’s successful tutoring and mentoring program in the Hoboken public schools in 2003.
Bradford Wiley II, a member of the sixth generation of the Wiley family to be involved in the Company, joined the Wiley Board of Directors in 1979, and succeeded his father as Chairman of the Board in 1992. He continues on today as a Director, after his brother Peter Booth Wiley assumed the Chairmanship in 2002. Brad followed in the family tradition of hands-on involvement in the Company, serving as an editor in Wiley’s Global Education business from 1989 to 1999. As Chairman, he focused on promoting effective and accountable corporate governance, pioneering best practices prior to industry regulation. A number of successful acquisitions overseen by the Board during this period strategically extended Wiley’s leadership in knowledge publishing and contributed to its incredible financial growth, notably VCH (1996), Jossey-Bass (1999), and Hungry Minds (2001). As both a leader and a Wiley colleague, Brad supported the transformation of Wiley’s publishing processes and content to digital formats, witnessing the launch of wiley.com and the transition from diskette to CD to the Internet. Bradford Wiley II
Bradford Wiley II