Wiley Facts

The company’s earliest surviving book was published in 1812. Charles printed William Ballantine’s legal treatise on the statute of limitations.

Wiley Turns 200 Years Old in 2007

Wiley Offices, New York circa 1880
Wiley Offices, New York circa 1880

Founded in 1807, during the presidency of Thomas Jefferson, Wiley has been a vital source of information and understanding for generations of learners. For two centuries, Wiley has endeavored to teach, inform, and enlighten. Our history is intertwined with the advance of publishing, the evolution of modern science, a country’s hunger for knowledge, and the growth of a global community.

Today, as bold new technologies are changing the way we live and learn, Wiley is providing scientists, professionals, students, teachers, entrepreneurs, and life-long learners with more access to more content than ever before.

video still Celebrating 200 Years of Publishing

Learn about our history, our people, and our passion for publishing.

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