Celebrations Around the World

May 1, 2007 Wiley rings The Closing Bell at the New York Stock Exchange to commemorate our 200th anniversary. Center: William J. Pesce (President & CEO) and Deborah E. Wiley (Senior VP, Corporate Communications). Front row: Henrietta Pesce (William's wife), Mayor David Roberts (Hoboken, NJ), Noreen Culhane (NYSE-Executive VP, Global Corporate Client Group), Stephen Kippur (Executive VP & President, Professional/Trade), Josephine Bacchi-Mourtziou (VP & Corporate Secretary), Bonnie Lieberman (Senior VP & General Manager, Global Education). Back Row: Hoboken city officials (2), Tim King (Senior VP, Planning & Development), Gary Rinck (Senior VP, General Counsel), Ellis Cousens (Executive VP and Chief Financial & Operations Officer), Susan Spilka (Director, Corporate Communications).
Bicentennial celebration at Wiley's Indianapolis location. Far left: William J. Pesce (President & CEO) pictured with Wiley Indianapolis colleagues Sherry Marcuson, Lou Peragallo, Megan Saur, Sallie Vicino, and Alison Grant.
Wiley Canada celebrates Wiley's bicentennial with a Canadian Mountie. From left: Berni Galway, Sandra Marras, Meghan Brousseau, Celeste Gallucci, Deborah Guichelaar, Sara Dam, Paula Jukes, and Erin Kelly.
Colleagues from Wiley's Moscow office, Sergey Shmakov and Andrey Efimov (with son Vladmir), proudly display the Wiley Bicentennial banner on Mount Elbrus, the highest point in Russia.
Wiley Bicentennial celebration at the Oakwood Garden & Emperor's Court in New Delhi, India. Back row: Roger Ming, Trevor Armstrong, Brad Wiley II, Peter Wiley, Nancy Butler, Steve Smith, Mark Allin, Arun Bharti, Vikas Gupta, Anthony Lau, Front row: Audrey Wee, Deborah E. Wiley, Eileen Dolan, Michela Wiley, Valerie Wiley, Linda Wiley, Susan Spilka, Patricia Lau, and Joyce Leau.
Wiley colleagues at the Company's celebration in Chichester, England. Aidan Killian, Julia Lampam, George Weir, Debbie Allan, and Claire Jardine.
November 1, 2007 Wiley celebrates our 200th anniversary at the Liberty Science Center, Jersey City, NJ.
Wiley colleagues at the Liberty Science Center. Back row: Alexandra Brown, Denise Romain, Toni Chow, Sylvia Rivera, Sonia Suarez, Lattelle Solomon. Front row: Jean Kuehl and Karen Jones.
A Wiley delegation visits The Great Wall of China. From left: Steve Miron, John Jarvis, his son Robin Jarvis, and his wife Jean Levy, Susan Spilka, Peter Wiley, Theresa Liu, Jesse Wiley, Deborah E. Wiley, Angelina Wiley, and Steve Smith.