With more than 90% of the Chemistry Nobel Prize Laureates having published with us, it is no wonder that Wiley is the leading publisher in chemistry. We publish an extensive list of books and journals each year, in all areas of Chemistry. They include both traditional areas of Chemistry such as Organic Chemistry as well as emerging technologies like Nanotechnology. A number of our books are published together with some of the world's leading societies. These include the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), the International Union of Crystallography and the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT).

We are also pleased to announce that once again nearly 60% of the Wiley-VCH journals show a year on year increase in their Impact Factor or Immediacy Index. On top of that a number of new and young journals have received excellent ratings.

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KCS-Wiley Young Chemist Award

The Korean Chemical Society and John Wiley & Sons are proud to present the KCS-Wiley Young Scholar Award. 2 winners will be selected every year for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the community. Each winner will receive a certificate and a US$500 book voucher.

The 2009 prize is awarded to Park, Seung Bum (Seoul National University) and Lee, Kwangyeol (Korea University). Congratulations to both awardees!