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More forthcoming books with details to follow:

Home SOS: Gender, Violence and Survival in Crisis Ordinary Cambodia
Katherine Brickell

Decolonising Geography? Disciplinary Histories and the End of the British Empire in Africa, 1948-1990
Ruth Craggs and Hannah Neate

Geographies of Anti-Colonialism: Political Networks Across and Beyond Southern India, c. 1900-1930
Andy Davies

Geomorphology and the Carbon Cycle
Martin Evans

Respatialising Finance: Power, Politics and Offshore Renminbi Market Making in London
Sarah Hall

Triple Movement in China's Urban Transformation: Gentrification and the Remaking of Chinese Cities
Shenjing He

The Unsettling Outdoors: Environmental Estrangement in Everyday Life
Russell Hitchings

Defensible Space on the Move: Mobilization in Housing Policy and Practice
Loretta Lees and Elanor Warwick

Body, Space, Affect
Steve Pile

Making Other Worlds: Agency and Interaction In Environmental Change
John Wainwright

Feeding Austerity? Ethical Ambiguities and Political Possibilities in UK Food Banks
Andrew Williams, Paul Cloke, Jon May and Liev Cherry