Wiley Health Science Reviewer Database

Feedback from health science students and graduates is invaluable to us because we try to publish books that meet your needs. All new proposals for books are reviewed by both students and lecturers and all books are critically reviewed before publication.

As a proposal reviewer, you would look at an outline for a new book or new edition. This would include reviewing the author's proposal document, a sample contents list, and sample material. You would be asked to answer 10-15 questions about the content, organisation, style, etc. We generally ask to have your comments back in 2-4 weeks.

As a manuscript reviewer, you would look in detail through a book which is in draft form. You would be asked to critically review the quality of the material, appraising the book's approach, writing style, and compatibility with your own course requirements, and would provide suggestions for how the book could be improved.

Completing a book or proposal review entitles you to a discount off all Wiley or Wiley-Blackwell books for a set period of time. Completing further reviews for us allows you to extend this time period.

If you are interested in joining our student review team and want to make a difference to the books we publish, then please submit the form below. Or, if you are already one of our reviewers and would like to update your details, fill out the form (noting in the comments section that you're already in our database).

This is your chance to tell us what you want in your review books and textbooks. Your opinion really does count!

All review material is supplied on a confidential basis and may not be disclosed to any third party. Such material is also protected by copyright and the reviewer shall not copy, distribute, transmit, store, post or reproduce the review material for any purpose. The reviewer agrees to delete all review material and destroy any print copies after the review is completed. Notwithstanding the foregoing, reviewers may retain for personal use any copies of published works supplied to them for review.

All review comments will be submitted only to the publisher and will be treated confidentially, provided that the publisher will be entitled to forward anonymised comments to authors.

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