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About Us

Launch New High Quality Courses and Programs 

Wiley is selective in the authors and subject matter experts we choose to work with and the projects we undertake. As a result, we are usually very successful, and maintain Wiley’s well-earned reputation as a publisher of quality, not quantity. We take a very similar approach to curriculum development. Your Wiley course development team includes a dedicated project manager, instructional designer, subject matter expert(s), course writer(s), and quality assurance specialist(s).

We offer you significant experience in managing complex, sizable program development initiatives on very tight schedules for both on ground and online curricula. We are very accustomed to managing, collaborating and interacting with multiple constituencies within a single organization on a regular basis throughout the development process.

Our Approach

We do not take a “cookie cutter” approach to curriculum development. We engage in a comprehensive needs-analysis to better understand how we can best serve your needs in terms of program and course development. Wiley imbeds our processes into our client’s procedures to provide a seamless development experience. Typically, we expect to manage the entire course development process, and have established milestones and approval checkpoints to ensure that the courses and materials we deliver are in 100% compliance with your course templates and program goals.

Principles of Curriculum Development Project Management

Wiley takes the position that to successfully develop any product, tight adherence to process and procedures is critical. To this end, we employ a rigorous approach to managing the development of your curriculum, and develop all on-ground courses with an eye towards efficient migration to the online environment.

  • Stringent adherence to project management best practices
  • Adhere to quality matters standards
  • Understand & analyze client’s course development templates & models
  • Define & confirm media needs
  • Determine clear process & schedule based on model and product development life cycle
  • Develop core information about program
  • Develop single course for review & approval
  • Model first course and develop curricula

We offer several tiers of curriculum development services:

  • Program & course revisions
  • Curriculum planning
  • Course competency & outcomes
  • Custom test & rubric development
  • Custom instructor materials