Table of Contents, Volume II

The Handbook of Technology Management, Volume II
Supply Chain Management, Marketing and Advertising, and Global Management

Supply Chain Management

1. Value Chain Analysis
2. Supply Chain Management
3. Developing and Maintaining Supply Chain Relationships
4. Managing the Flow of Information and Materials across the Supply Chain
5. Electronic Procurement
6. Global Logistics and International Supply Chain Management
7. Internet-Enabled Supply Chains
8. Customer Service in Supply Chain Management
9. Supply Chain Strategies
10. Manufacturing in Supply Chain
11. Transportation and Logistics in Supply Chains
12. Distribution and Warehousing in Supply Chains
13. Site Selection in the Supply Chain
14. Metrics for Measuring Supply Chain Performance
15. Supply Chain Management Technologies
16. RFID: Technical Considerations
17. RFID: Managerial Considerations
18. Smart Cards
19. The Promise of the Real-Time Supply Chain

Marketing and Advertising
20. Consumer Behavior in the Realm of Technology
21. Consumer Marketing of High Technology Products
22. The Role of Storytelling in Designing User Experience: The Underpinnings of Brand
23. Business-to-Business Marketing
24. Making Sense of Collaboration, Web 2.0 & Virtual Worlds in the Enterprise
25. Marketing Strategy Analysis
26. Marketing Research
27. Online Pricing Strategies: Insights and Challenges
28. Marketing Services
29. Organizing the Sales Force
30. Technology Marketing
31. Marketing Plans for E-commerce Projects
32. Marketing Communication Strategies
33. Relationship Marketing and CRM
34. Personalization Technologies
35. Wireless Marketing
36. Online Public Relations
37. The Globalization of Marketing
38. Global Marketing Research
39. Data Mining
40. Data Warehouse Systems
41. Online Analytical Processing

Global Management
42. Global Diffusion of the Internet
43. Global Issues of the Internet
44. Global Business Drivers
45. The Global Workforce
46. The Global Manager
47. Globalization and Information Management Strategy: Cross-Cultural Perspectives
48. Global Information Systems
49. Outsourcing and Offshoring in a Globalizing World: A Review of Trends and Perspectives
50. Globalization and Corporate Partnering
51. Governance for Technology Sourcing in the Global Context
52. Designing and Forming Global Teams
53. Performance Management in Distributed and Global Product Development Processes
54. Global Account Management
55. International Accounting and the Global Economy
56. International Technology Management and National Culture
57. Asian Culture and Management
58. The Globalization of Asian Firms
59. Strategic Management in the Asia Pacific
60. Human Resource Management in Asia
61. Cultural Intelligence and the Global Information Technology Workforce
62. Technology and Educational Challenges in a Globalizing World-Case Study of India