Contributors, Volume III

Volume III: Management Support Systems, Electronic Commerce, Legal and Security Considerations

Telecommunications and Networking and Management Support Systems

Local Area Networks
Wayne C. Summers
Columbus State University

Wide Area and Metropolitan Area Networks
Lynn A. DeNoia
Winthrop University

Home Networking: Technologies and Management
Sherali Zeadally
University of the District of Columbia

VoIP: Fundamentals and Managerial Issues
Sherali Zeadally
University of the District of Columbia

Distributed Intelligent Networks
G. N. Prezerakos
Technological Education Institute of Piraeus, Greece
N. D. Tselikas
National Technical University of Athens, Greece
I. S. Venieris
National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Cellular Networks
Jiang Xie
University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Xiaoyuan Gu
Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany

Wireless Wide Area Network Technologies & Implementations
Anthony H. Smith and Raymond A. Hansen
Purdue University

Client/Server Computing
Daniel McFarland
Rowan University
Darren B. Nicholson
Rowan University

Grid Computing Fundamentals
Mark Baker
The University of Reading, United Kingdom

Cluster Computing Fundamentals
Hong Ong
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Mark Baker
The University of Reading, United Kingdom

Peer-to-Peer Systems
Yu-Kwong Kwok
Colorado State University

Network Management
Jian Ren and Tongtong Li
Michigan State University

Database Fundamentals
Byunggu Yu
University of the District of Columbia

Distributed Databases
David Coquil and Harald Kosch
University of Passau, Germany
Lionel Brunie
INSA Lyon, France

Robert Slagter
Telematica Instituut, The Netherlands

Geographic Information Systems
Haluk Cetin
Murray State University

Fuzzy Logic
Zejin Ding and Yan-Qing Zhang
Georgia State University

Christopher A. Kitts
Santa Clara University

Expert Systems
Efrem G. Mallach
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Artificial Neural Networks
Richard M. Golden
University of Texas, Dallas

Natural Language Processing
Hossein Bidgoli
California State University, Bakersfield

Intelligent Agents
Gerhard Weiss
SCCH GmbH, Austria
Lars Braubach
University of Hamburg, Germany
Paolo Giorgini
University of Trento, Italy

Managing the Evolution of Nanotechnology
Michael E. Gorman
University of Virginia
James E. Groves
University of Virginia
Ahson Wardak
University of Virginia

Quantum Computing
Eleanor Rieffel
FX Palo Alto Laboratory

Electronic Commerce

The Internet
Hossein Bidgoli
California State University, Bakersfield

Business Plans for Electronic Commerce Projects
Feng Li
Newcastle University Business School, United Kingdom

Electronic Commerce
Hong-Mei Chen
University of Hawaii, Manoa

Click-and-Brick Electronic Commerce
Alina Chircu
Bentley College

Business-to-Business Electronic Commerce
Nory B. Jones
University of Maine
Herbert Remidez
University of Arkansas, Little Rock

Electronic Payment Systems
Indrajit Ray
Colorado State University

Web Search Technologies for Text Documents
Weiyi Meng
SUNY, Binghamton
Clement Yu
University of Illinois, Chicago

Gilliean Lee
Lander University

Collaborative Commerce
Rodney J. Heisterberg
Notre Dame de Namur University
Rod Heisterberg Associates

Wireless Internet
Abbas Jamalipour
University of Sydney, Australia

Business-to-Consumer Web Business Models
Diane M. Hamilton
Rowan University

Mobile Commerce: Technical Considerations
Vijay Atluri
Rutgers University
Heechang Shin
Rutgers University

Mobile Commerce Business Models
Yufei Yuan
McMaster University, Canada

Application Service Providers and IT Outsourcing
Bandula Jayatilaka
Binghamton University

Web Services
René F. Reitsma
Oregon State University

Information Quality in Internet and E-business Environments
Larry P. English
Information Impact International, Inc.

Auctions in Electronic Commerce
Y. Narahari
Indian Institute of Science, India
Sujit Gujar
Independent Consultant, India

Web Hosting
J. Richard Stevens
University of Colorado, Boulder

Web Intelligence
Juan D. Velásquez
University of Chile, Chile
Víctor L. Rebolledo
University of Chile, Chile

E-Commerce Vulnerabilities
Sviatoslav Braynov
University of Illinois, Springfield

Legal and Security Considerations

Cybercrime and the U.S. Criminal Justice System
Susan W. Brenner
University of Dayton School of Law

Kurt H. Knudsen
Southern Oregon University

International Cyberlaw
Susanna Frederick Fischer
The Catholic University of America

International Intellectual Property Law for Technology Management
Daniel J. Gervais
University of Ottawa, Canada

The key role of standardization on technology development, transfer, diffusion and management
John W. Bagby
Pennsylvania State University

Legal, Social and Ethical Issues of the Internet
Kenneth Einar Himma
Seattle Pacific University

Copyright Law
Irvette Tempelman<–>van Hunen
Aernout Schmidt
Leiden University, The Netherlands

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Seth Finkelstein

Patent Law
Gerald Bluhm
Tyco Safety Products

Trademark Law
Lars S. Smith
University of Louisville

Online Technology Contracts
Gail E. Evans
Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom

Social Engineering
Benjamin Böck
Secure Business, Austria
Edgar R. Weippl
Vienna University of Technology
Secure Business, Austria

Software Piracy
Robert K. Moniot
Fordham University

Digital Identity
Abhilasha Bhargav-Spantzel
Intel Corporation

Identity Management
John Linn
The Security Division of EMC

Digital Evidence
Philip Craiger
University of Central Florida

Digital Rights Management Technology
Renato Iannella
NICTA, Australia

Information Security Management
Edwin Lewis
The Johns Hopkins University

Enterprise Security Architecture
Jian Ren
Tongtong Li
Michigan State University

Implementing a Security Awareness Program
K Rudolph
Native Intelligence, Inc.
John Should
Independent Consultant

Digital Signatures and Electronic Signatures
Stephen Tate
University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Raymond R. Panko
University of Hawaii, Manoa

Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs)
Raymond R. Panko
University of Hawaii, Manoa

Guidelines for a Security Program
Hossein Bidgoli
California State University, Bakersfield

Business Continuity, Operational Risk and Disaster Recovery Management
Marco Cremonini
University of Milan, Italy
Pierangela Samarati
University of Milan, Italy