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For Authors

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Outline of the Project

Ronald L. Terjung, Professor and Associate Chair of the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Missouri-Columbia, serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Comprehensive PhysiologyThe work contains 13 Sections, each developed by a member of the Editorial Advisory Board (EAB). The Sections are divided into Topics, each led by Topic Editors chosen by the EAB. The Sections and their respective EAB members are as follows:

Neurophysiology (Alan F. Sved, University of Pittsburgh)

Cardiovascular Physiology (Brian Duling, University of Virginia)

Respiratory Physiology (John B. West, University of California, San Diego)

Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology (John Williams, University of Michigan)

Endocrinology and Metabolism

Renal Physiology (Jeff M. Sands, Emory University School of Medicine)

Muscle Physiology (Jack Rall, Ohio State University)

Cell Physiology (Dale Benos, University of Alabama Birmingham)

Comparative and Evolutionary Physiology (Hannah Carey, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Exercise Physiology (Ronald L. Terjung, University of Missouri-Columbia)

Environmental Physiology

Physiological Genomics (Allen Cowley, Medical College of Wisconsin)

Integrative Physiology


Article Types

All new and updated articles currently being commissioned for Comprehensive Physiology are defined as Overview articles. Modeled on the existing Handbook of Physiology (HoP) chapters, these are highly detailed reviews aimed at researchers and advanced students in the field, as well as those in adjacent disciplines. We expect and encourage authors to draw on previously published HoP material in preparing these articles. The overviews should be comprehensive and self-contained; where they refer back to other sources for detailed information, those sources should be readily available to readers online. A link to the author template for Overview articles is provided below.


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Submitting Your Article

Articles commissioned for Comprehensive Physiology are submitted and peer-reviewed using an online article management system called ScholarOne Manuscripts (S1M). When you accept an invitation to contribute an article, a user account will be created and the login information mailed to you. To submit your manuscript online, point your browser to; once you log in, click on the "Author Center" icon to send us your submission.

Detailed instructions on using S1M can be found via the "User Tutorials" button on the right-hand side of the login screen.

Please be sure to study the instructions given at the site carefully, and then let the system guide you through the submission process. You will be able to exit and re-enter the system at any stage before finally submitting your work. All submissions are kept strictly confidential. You can log in periodically and check your Author Center to monitor the movement of your manuscript through the review process.

To facilitate the peer review process, please be sure to enter the names and mail addresses of 4–5 potential reviewers who are familiar with the topic.

If you need any help during the submission process, please contact