Are You Prepared for the MTA Certification?

Wiley Offers Microsoft Technology Associates MTA Content in Microsoft Official Academic Course Program

For millions of people around the globe, Microsoft Certifications are known and trusted differentiators of an individual's technology competency. Microsoft’s newest certification, the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) program, is designed to make entering a Microsoft technology certification program even easier for new students. MTA is an entry-level credential from Microsoft that validates fundamental technology knowledge, enabling students to explore academic and career options, and take the first step toward building a successful career in technology.

MTA makes it easier for schools to deliver technology education and validate fundamental technology knowledge through a simple, convenient, and affordable suite of entry-level certification exams. While offering students the opportunity to earn a Microsoft certification right in the classroom, MTA empowers educators with easy-to-use Internet-based testing and helps institutions stand out as innovative technology curriculum providers.

The Wiley MTA curriculum is based upon these same technology tracks, and is designed to supplement the courseware already in use in the classroom and/or stand on its own. Wiley MTA content can be easily integrated into existing curriculum – and imported into existing learning management systems. Each book is broken into short segments that will allow for easy integration into existing curriculum immediately.

The ease of integrating this material into current curriculum is one of the biggest determining factors in adopting this new content.

The Solution: Wiley Has Created the Technology Fundamentals Content You’ve Asked For

By choosing the Wiley MTA technology fundamentals textbooks, schools can introduce students to the essential fundamental content needed to begin their technology education. The Wiley MTA textbooks are designed to teach fundamental concepts in such a way that students will understand the topic and see it applied in a real-world situation. Each lesson begins with a case scenario that shows students why the topic is important in the workplace, then explains the technology in an easily comprehensible tone, and finally shows students how the technology is applied in a work environment. Students walk away with an understanding of the concept and how it fits into the larger work environment. 

Wiley provides a full complement of Instructor Guides, classroom PowerPoint presentations, and solution files for the instructor. Visit

http://www.wiley.com//college/sc/mta to learn more!

In addition, Wiley will offer live guest lectures by faculty currently teaching with the MTA curriculum through the Wiley Faculty Network




Wiley MTA textbooks validate the fundamental knowledge essential to prepare students for advanced technology classes and successful careers in IT. Through the use of MTA curriculum, instructors validate students’ fundamental technology concepts in a version-agnostic way, enabling students to explore career paths in technology with a reasonable investment of time and resources.

For additional information, contact us at moac@wiley.com

For more information on this new certification, link to MTA Certification