Steve Smith to Succeed Will Pesce as Wiley's 11th President and CEO

Steve Smith, Will Pesce
Steve Smith and Will Pesce

After nearly 22 years with Wiley, the final 13 as the company's 10th President and Chief Executive Officer, Will Pesce will retire on April 30, 2011. Steve Smith will succeed Will and take a seat on the Board of Directors, which Will is expected to join at the company's next Annual Meeting, in September 2011. Steve joined Wiley 18 years ago as Vice President, Wiley Asia, and later assumed responsibility for international development and the company's Australian and European operations. He has been Chief Operating Officer since May 1, 2009, responsible for the leadership of the company's worldwide publishing business. "Steve’s leadership skills and extensive experience in Asia and Europe will be critically important to the company's continued success," said Peter Wiley, Chairman.

Will's thoughtful leadership has guided Wiley through the most significant changes in its 203-year history. During his tenure, he was instrumental in several key acquisitions, including that of Blackwell in 2007; the launch of innovative online products and new business models; the relocation of the company's headquarters to Hoboken; and the achievement of record-setting financial results. Will has also "contributed enormously to Wiley's nurturing and supportive culture," Peter noted, "which is a tremendous source of competitive advantage for the company."

 A Time of Transition

Steve's assumption of his new role is part of a carefully planned transition of leadership also under way within Wiley's three core businesses—Scientific, Technical, Medical, and Scholarly (STMS), also known as Wiley-Blackwell; Professional/Trade (P/T); and Higher Education.

Stephen Kippur retired as Executive Vice President and President of P/T on July 31, 2010, after leading the business for 25 years. He has been succeeded by Mark Allin, Senior Vice President, P/T, who joined Wiley U.K. in 2000 and relocated to Asia in 2003 to lead our business there until being named Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, P/T, on January 1, 2010.

Eric Swanson retired on October 31, 2010, as Senior Vice President, Government Relations and Public Policies, the position he had held since stepping down as Senior Vice President, STMS, on May 1, 2010. He had led the business (formerly known as STM) since shortly after coming to Wiley in 1989 with the acquisition of the highly respected journals publisher Alan R. Liss. Eric has been succeeded by Steve Miron, Senior Vice President, STMS, who joined Wiley Asia in 1993 and went on to lead that business for eight years before taking on responsibility for global STM book publishing in 2004 and then for Wiley-Blackwell's global Physical Sciences business in 2007, becoming Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, STMS, on November 1, 2009.

Bonnie Lieberman, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Higher Education, will retire on April 30, 2011, having led the business since 1996. She will be succeeded by Joe Heider, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Higher Education. Joe joined Wiley in 1994 and headed Higher Education's editorial and digital publishing teams starting in 2000, playing a central role in the development of new product models, notably WileyPLUS.