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Journal Articles
World Autism Awareness Day 2011
Journal Articles
Education | Intellectual Disability | Philosophy | Psychology
Anthropology & Education
  Pedagogic Voicing: The Struggle for Participation in an Inclusive Classroom
Srikala Naraian
British Journal of Educational Technology
  The effect of different representations on reading digital text for students with cognitive disabilities
Ming-Chung Chen, Ting-Fang Wu, Yun-Lung Lin, Ya-Hui Tasi, Hui-Ching Chen
British Journal of Special Education
  Educating children on the autism spectrum: preconditions for inclusion and notions of 'best autism practice' in the early years
Karen Guldberg
Educational Philosophy and Theory
  Minds Between Us: Autism, mindblindness and the uncertainty of communication
Anne E. McGuire, Rod Michalko
Journal of Philosophy of Education
  Thoughts About the Autism Label: A Parental View
Charlotte Moore
Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs
  Piecing together the puzzle: development of the Societal Attitudes towards Autism (SATA) scale
Luci N. Flood, Amanda Bulgrin, Betsy L. Morgan
Journal of Research in Reading
  Dyslexic, delayed, precocious or just normal? Word reading skills of children with autism spectrum disorders
Jakob Åsberg, Annika Dahlgren Sandberg
  Conceptualisations of literacy and literacy practices for children with severe learning difficulties
Hazel Lawson, Lyn Layton, Juliet Goldbart, Penny Lacey, Carol Miller
Support for Learning
  It's not what you do; it's the way that you question: that's what gets results
Nick Hodge, Sue Chantler
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 Intellectual Disability
British Journal of Learning Disabilities
  Participation or exclusion? Perspectives of pupils with autistic spectrum disorders on their participation in leisure activities
Stephanie Brewster, Liz Coleyshaw
Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities
The Experiences of Parents During Diagnosis and Forward Planning for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Mickey Keenan, Karola Dillenburger, Alvin Doherty, Tony Byrne, Stephen Gallagher
Journal of Intellectual Disability Research
Diagnostic grouping among adults with intellectual disabilities and autistic spectrum disorders in staffed housing
D. Felce, J. Perry
Journal of Intellectual Disability Research
Exploring the Effect of Autism Waiver Services on Family Outcomes
Karen Eskow, Lisa Pineles, Jean Ann Summers
Symbolic Interaction
From Refrigerator Mothers to Warrior-Heroes: The Cultural Identity Transformation of Mothers Raising Children with Intellectual Disabilities
Amy C. Sousa
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  Reflections on 'Autistic Integrity'
Barbara Russell

Australian Journal of Psychology
  Over-imitation in children with autism and Down syndrome
Mark Nielsen, Kristelle Hudry
American Journal of Orthopsychiatry
Maternal Self-Efficacy and Associated Parenting Cognitions Among Mothers of Children With Autism
Jennifer C. Kuhn, Alice S. Carter
Autism Research
What are infant siblings teaching us about autism in infancy?
Sally J. Rogers
Behavioral Interventions
An operant approach to teaching joint attention skills to children with autism
Jørn Isaksen, Per Holth
Child: Care, Health and Development
A qualitative analysis of lay beliefs about the aetiology and prevalence of autistic spectrum disorders
G. Russell, S. Kelly, J. Golding
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Clinically Relevant Measures of Children's Theory of Mind and Knowledge about Thinking: Non-Standard and Advanced Measures
Manuel Sprung

Parental Perceptions of the Assessment of Autistic Spectrum Disorders in a Tier Three Service
Latha Hackett, Sabana Shaikh, Louise Theodosiou
Child Development
From Genes to Environment: Using Integrative Genomics to Build a “Systems-Level” Understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Valerie W. Hu

The Development of Core Cognitive Skills in Autism: A 3-Year Prospective Study

Elizabeth Pellicano
Child Development Perspectives
Why Does Joint Attention Look Atypical in Autism?
Morton Ann Gernsbacher, Jennifer L. Stevenson, Suraiya Khandakar, H. Hill Goldsmith
Clinical Psychologist
Motor function in children with autism: Why is this relevant to psychologists?
Ariane M. Dowd, Nicole J. Rinehart, Jennifer McGinley
Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice
Exploring the Nature and Function of Anxiety in Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Jeffrey J. Wood, Kenneth D. Gadow
British Journal of Developmental Psychology
Do children with autism use inner speech and visuospatial resources for the service of executive control? Evidence from suppression in dual tasks
Lucy Holland, Jason Low

Sensitivity to differences between enjoyment and non-enjoyment smiles in children with autism spectrum disorder
Meredith Blampied, Lucy Johnston, Lynden Miles, Kathleen Liberty
Developmental Science
Does theory of mind performance differ in children with early-onset and regressive autism?
Nicole L. Matthews, Wendy A. Goldberg, Angela F. Lukowski, Kathryn Osann, Maryam M. Abdullah, Agnes R. Ly, Kara Thorsen, M. Anne Spence
Special Issue: Rethinking Autism, Rethinking Anthropology
Guest Editors: Nancy Bagatell and Olga Solomon
Infant and Child Development
Unfamiliar face recognition in children with autistic spectrum disorders
Rebecca R. Wilson, Mark Blades, Mike Coleman, Olivier Pascalis
Role Reversal Imitation and Language in Typically Developing Infants and Children With Autism
Malinda Carpenter, Michael Tomasello, Tricia Striano
Infant Mental Health Journal
Imitative behaviors facilitate communicative gaze in children with autism
Wakako Sanefuji, Hidehiro Ohgami
International Journal of Language & Communication Disorders
Co-morbidity of autism and SLI: kinds, kin and complexity
Bruce Tomblin
Journal of Applied Biobehavioral Research
Arousal and Activity Choice in Autism: A Single-Case Assessment Integrating Autonomic and Behavioral Analysis
John Hoch, Tim Moore, Jennifer McComas, Frank J. Symons
Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry
Unbroken mirror neurons in autism spectrum disorders
Yang-Teng Fan, Jean Decety, Chia-Yen Yang, Ji-Lin Liu and Yawei Cheng

Advancing early detection of autism spectrum disorder by applying an integrated two-stage screening approach
Iris J. Oosterling, Michel Wensing, Sophie H. Swinkels, Rutger Jan Van Der Gaag, Janne C. Visser, Tim Woudenberg, Ruud Minderaa, Mark-Peter Steenhuis, Jan K. Buitelaar
Journal of Counseling & Development
Early Identification of Autism: Implications for Counselors
Christina Mann Layne
The Journal of Humanistic Counseling, Education and Development
Using Family Leisure Activities to Support Families Living With Autism Spectrum Disorders
Robin H. Lock, C. Bret Hendricks, Loretta J. Bradley and Carol A. Layton
Journal of Marital and Family Therapy
Marriage and Family Therapists Working With Couples Who Have Children With Autism
Julie Ramisch
Mind & Language Pragmatics, Cognitive Flexibility and Autism Spectrum
M. Kissine
Psychophysiology An event-related source localization study of response monitoring and social impairments in autism spectrum disorder
Diane L. Santesso, Irene E. Drmic, Michelle K. Jetha, Susan E. Bryson, Joel O. Goldberg, Geoffrey B. Hall, Karen J. Mathewson, Sidney J. Segalowitz, Louis A. Schmidt
Psychology in the Schools
Does speed matter? A comparison of the effectiveness of fluency and discrete trial training for teaching noun labels to children with autism
Erica Holding, Melissa A. Bray, Thomas J. Kehle
Scandinavian Journal of Psychology
Patterns of language and discourse comprehension skills in school-aged children with autism spectrum disorders
Jakob Åsberg
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