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WileyPLUS helps future teachers experience the classroom by integrating authentic videos and engaging simulations for discussion or as an assignment.

In addition, WileyPLUS offers valuable resources such as lesson plans, student artifacts and professional commentary videos that help to demonstrate to prospective educators the realities of teaching today’s students.

WileyPLUS will help your students understand how best to practically apply educational in the classroom situations.
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Introduction to Educational Psychology
Educational Psychology: Reflection for Action, 2E
  O’Donnell, Educational Psychology: Reflection for Action, 2E

Guided through a 4–step process – Reflection, Information Gathering, Decision–Making, and Evaluation (RIDE) – preservice teachers learn how to apply research in educational psychology to decision making. Highly praised classroom cases, thought–provoking questions, and synthesizing activities help students develop the skills required.
Educational Psychology: Reflection for Action, 2E
  Moreno, Educational Psychology

This book emphasizes 3 challenges in teacher education: understanding and addressing the needs of the diversity of learners in the classroom, applying theories and research to the classroom, and critically examining teaching practices through reflection, problem–solving, and critical thinking. Future teachers will begin to learn to think, to teach.