Good Counsel

Good Counsel: Meeting the Legal Needs of Nonprofits
By Lesley Rosenthal

If you care about nonprofits and their legal needs, Good Counsel is your playbook. With illustrative examples, checklists, practice pointers and more, author Lesley Rosenthal helps executives, board members and lawyers avoid mistakes and serve with excellence.

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Make your experience with Good Counsel even better!

This website provides additional information for readers of Good Counsel to enhance their mastery of the material included in the book including:

Full-length case studies provide an in-depth look at three illustrative cases introduced in the book. Each case study details the underlying facts, or allegations, that led beloved nonprofit organizations to a legal or governance crisis. The case studies then take the reader through the outcomes of each case, for a deeper understanding of what went wrong. The lessons learned section of each case study provides cross-references to each pertinent chapter in the book, so that Good Counsel readers can avoid making these mistakes.

Good Counsel author Lesley Rosenthal has prepared chapter-by-chapter glossaries of the specialized terms that may not be familiar to some readers, or that have particular meanings in the context of nonprofit legal needs. The glossary files may also be used in an educational setting to test students' understanding of important concepts and points. Terms defined in the glossary tie back to italicized words in the book.

Department-by-department work plans provide a practical and actionable way for counsel and leadership to assess an organization's legal needs and the state of its governance. The work plans are a roadmap to productive collaboration between counsel and leadership, enhancing opportunities and lessening risks. The work plans will be of particular use to incoming counsel at an organization, and law students under supervision in business law transaction clinics that work with nonprofit clients.

Links to forms and further information may be found in the other resources section of this website.

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