Wiley Embargo Policy

Wiley embargoes press releases for unpublished journal studies to enable sufficient time for in-depth reporting across time zones. Wiley believes that embargoes serve the interests of the media, authors, and the public by ensuring reporters have sufficient time to consider the paper, conduct interviews and write well-informed articles.   

Embargoed press releases are shared with recognized members of the media and the content of the press release or study may not be shared with members of the public or published before the embargo lifts. The embargo period will not be less than 24 hours. 

Papers are considered to be in the public domain once they appear online on Wiley Online Library, which is often before appearing in an issue. Embargoes are set to expire at 00.01 on the date on which papers first appear online (in any format), in the time zone in which the journal is published.

Embargo times are clearly displayed on press releases in 24 hour format and presented in US (EST/EDT), UK (GMT/BST) and Australian (AEST/AEDT) time zones. Wiley does not embargo press releases for papers which have been published. Press releases may be distributed for published papers under immediate release. 

Wiley is launching a new contact policy where only subscribed journalists will receive embargoed press releases. To subscribe journalists must agree to this policy and to honour stated embargos. Journalists who do not agree to this policy will not be able to sign up to receive Wiley press releases. 

Embargo Breaks:

In the event of an embargo break all efforts must be made to remove the story from the public domain quickly. Appropriate sanctions will be taken when an embargo is broken. These sanctions may include temporary or permanent removal from Wiley press lists for individual journalists or outlets.

In determining appropriate sanctions consideration will be given to a number of factors including:

  • History of embargo breaks
  • Fast removal of the story
  • Process improvement
  • Intent 

For example, an individual reporter may be removed from our press lists for a period of months or longer, an outlet which continually disregards embargoes may be blocked for a longer period or permanently. 

Any questions should be addressed to sciencenewsroom@wiley.com.