The Smart Article

The Smart Article is now available across new and backlist content for five chemistry journals in The Smart Article

  • Applied Organometallic Chemistry
  • Chemistry – An Asian Journal
  • Chirality
  • Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry
  • Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry.

Dive Deeper Into the Article – The Smart Article delivers more than text tools, giving researchers the ability to look at the chemistry in depth: at the abstract level, through indexing and browse facilities for compounds and through detailed information on each individual compound in a scheme.

Search is More Powerful – The Smart Article delivers easier and more integrated chemical searching across the five journals. Chemistry Search gives the ability to search on numerous different parameters with structure and substructure searching coming as standard.

Organic Chemistry Databases and MRWs added to The Smart Article in September - The Smart Article will roll out to selected chemistry major Wiley reference works and databases in September. Subscribers to any of the journals in The Smart Article will be able to take part in an opt–out trial. We will be contacting eligible libraries during the summer.

We are offering personal trials and demonstrations to users. To request a trial or to sign up for a demonstration, email chemistryuk@wiley.com

To find out more, go to wileyonlinelibrary/thesmartarticle

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