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Overview The Self-Assessment that Puts Participants on the Fast Track to Career Satisfaction! Are your employees or clients feeling stuck in their choice of careers or dissatisfied with their current job and not sure which direction to go? For more than 40 years people have turned to Career Anchors Self-Assessment for a research-backed program that helps identify areas of competence, motives, and values related to their work choices. Career Anchors Online gives participants the information they need to define your personal Career Anchor based on the eight Career Anchors: Technical/Functional Competence; General Managerial Competence; Autonomy/Independence; Security/Stability; Entrepreneurial Creativity; Service/Dedication to a Cause; Pure Challenge; or Lifestyle. What Does the Self-Assessment Measure? Career Anchors Self-Assessment helps participants determine their main "career anchor" for their current position as well as future jobs. The assessment offers targeted insight so that participants are able to make better and more satisfying career choices. The self-assessment will help
  • Determine what a participant is good at, what they value, and what motivates them (their career anchor)
  • Know which of the eight anchor categories best defines a participant
  • Establish if an anchor and is matched to the participant's current job
  • Confirm the career changes that are the best fit
  • Clarify what kind of future job a participant should you be looking for
  • Understand the personal development needed to find the an ideal job
Number of Items: 40
Time to complete: 10-15min
Who is it for? Career Anchor Online is ideal for participants in early, mid, or late career that faces career choices and options, moving up, laterally, or out. Managers can use the tool for discussing career possibilities with subordinates or to create better job descriptions. HR mangers will find Career Anchor valuable for succession planning. Career coaches can tap into Career Anchor results to help clients think about their career issues.
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