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Details Self-Assessment You and your clients can tap into the power of this highly accessible online self-assessment that will give participants an accurate career anchor analysis. Managers can administer the assessment in order to engage in important career development discussions. How Career Anchors was Developed and Tested Developed by Edgar Schein at MIT's Sloan School of Management, the Career Anchors Self-Assessment has become the industry standard since it was originally created more than forty years ago.
The career anchor concept and job/role planning came out of a longitudinal career research and organizational consulting that began in the 1960s and continues to this day. The concepts and tools evolved from several decades of research on a panel of MIT's Sloan School graduates, followed by intensive studies of various occupational groups, both in the United States and internationally. The original career anchor was published in book format and has been translated into other languages. It has been translated into many languages and used in Europe, Latin America, and Asia around the world spread to Europe.
What Your Participants Will Learn From Career Anchors For more than 40 years, participants have used this invaluable assessment to determine how strongly they fit any of the eight anchor categories. Once the assessment is completed, a participant will gain a deeper insight and self-knowledge as to a specific career anchor and identify what they would not give up if forced to make a choice. The assessment also reveals potential areas of for career growth and can be immediately applied to a participant's present position and will help zero in on possible future jobs. About the Author Professor Edgar H. Schein is the Sloan Fellows Professor of Management Emeritus of The Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. More than 40 years ago, Schein developed the Career Anchors Self-Assessment at Sloan School of Management. He is the author of numerous books including Career Dynamics, Process Consultation Revisited, Organizational Culture Leadership, and The Corporate Survival Guide.
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