Strategic Sourcing and procurement undertakes regular reviews of its supply base and the needs of Wiley's internal customers and will engage with the supply market through RFQs, RFIs, and RFPs and through direct communications with the supply market.

Qualify as a Vendor

In order to qualify as a potential vendor interested parties should ensure that they;

Register as a Vendor

In order to register as a potential vendor, interested parties need to

Please email these files to vendorenquiries@wiley.com. You will receive an automated reply and your message will be passed to the corresponding buyer and your details kept on record.  

We may respond as and when appropriate.

Doing Business

Once registered, a vendor is authorised to do work on behalf of Wiley.

However an authorised Purchase Order and/or Contract is required to be in place before work can be done. Vendor can only invoice against a valid Purchase Order or Contract and if there is no valid Purchase Order or Contract then Wiley will not pay for services.


At any time should a vendor be concerned as to whether they can begin work on behalf of Wiley they should email vendorenquiries@wiley.com for confirmation.