About Campus Author Guidelines

The members of the editorial staff of About Campus have prepared Author Guidelines (PDF), which we request that you read carefully before you begin writing an abstract or an article for submission.  In the Author Guidelines, you will find recommendations about writing style, language usage, reference sources, etc. We call your attention to these guidelines so your manuscript is accessible to a broad range of readers - the diverse group of educators who read About Campus.  Unlike most academic journal articles—which follow a standard structure of Introduction, Literature Review, Methods, Results, Discussion, Limitations, and Future Directions—About Campus articles use more literary-like structures and organization techniques to guide readers from start to finish.   These techniques are discussed in depth in the Author Guidelines. The Author Guidelines also explain the various kinds of articles we publish in About Campus. We encourage perspective authors to consider these broad criteria as they decide the length and content of their manuscript. In addition to making the editing and revising process smoother for you, we hope that writing in this style will also provide the occasion to reexamine how you adapt your writing to reach out to different audiences, and to consider alternative ways to draw on sources when presenting ideas and information. Our editorial team will be glad to discuss the provisions in the Author Guidelines, or answer any questions you may have about the review and publication process – simply email us at aboutcampus@vt.edu.

Download the Author Guideliness in PDF format

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