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Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used, 3rd Edition (0470620749) cover image
by Peter Block
March 2011, ©2010, Hardcover, Pfeiffer (E-book also available)
Applied Strategic Planning: An Introduction, 2nd Edition (0787988529) cover image
by Timothy M. Nolan, Leonard D. Goodstein, Jeanette Goodstein
July 2008, Paperback, Pfeiffer
The Business of Consulting: The Basics and Beyond, (CD-ROM Included), 2nd Edition (0787994642) cover image
by Elaine Biech
May 2007, Hardcover, Pfeiffer (E-book also available)
The Flawless Consulting Fieldbook and Companion: A Guide to Understanding Your Expertise (0787948047) cover image
by Peter Block, Andrea Markowitz
November 2000, Paperback, Pfeiffer (E-book also available)