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Delta-Sigma Data Converters: Theory, Design, and Simulation

ISBN: 978-0-7803-1045-2
512 pages
October 1996, Wiley-IEEE Press
Delta-Sigma Data Converters: Theory, Design, and Simulation (0780310454) cover image


This comprehensive guide offers a detailed treatment of the analysis, design, simulation and testing of the full range of today's leading delta-sigma data converters. Written by professionals experienced in all practical aspects of delta-sigma modulator design, Delta-Sigma Data Converters provides comprehensive coverage of low and high-order single-bit, bandpass, continuous-time, multi-stage modulators as well as advanced topics, including idle-channel tones, stability, decimation and interpolation filter design, and simulation.
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Table of Contents



An Overview of Basic Concepts (J. Candy).

Quantization Noise in DeltaSigma A/D Converters (R. Gray).

Quantization Errors and Dithering in DeltaSigma Modulators (S. Norsworthy).

Stability Theory for DeltaSigma Modulators (R. Adams & R. Schreier).

The Design of High-Order Single-Bit DeltaSigma ADCs (R. Adams).

The Design of Cascaded DeltaSigma ADCs (M. Rebeschini).

High-Speed Cascaded DeltaSigma ADCs (B. Brandt).

Delta-Sigma ADCs with Multibit Internal Converters (R. Carley, et al.).

The Design of Bandpass DeltaSigma ADCs (S. Jantzi, et al.).

Architectures for DeltaSigma DACs (G. Temes, et al.).

Analog Circuit Design for DeltaSigma ADCs (B. Brandt, et al.).

Analog Circuit Design for DeltaSigma DACs (M. Rebeschini & P. Ferguson).

Decimation and Interpolation for DeltaSigma Conversion (S. Norsworthy & R. Crochiere).

CAD for the Analysis and Design of DeltaSigma Converters (C. Wolff, et al.).


About the Editors.
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Author Information

Steven R. Nosworthy is currently worldwide Operations Manager for the Wireless, Telecom, and Video Business Units of Motorola Semiconductor (Analog Division) in Tempe, Arizona. He has published numerous papers and holds 18 patents in the area of delta-sigma converters. In addition to having taught courses in digital processing at Pennsylvania State University, Mr. Nosworthy holds two degrees in music, and has performed in numerous professional symphony orchestras.

Richard Schreier is Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at Oregon State University. From 1986 to 1988 he worked as a Member of the Scientific Staff in the CMOS cell library group of Bell-Northern Research in Ottawa, Canada.

Gabor C. Temes is Professor of Electrical Engineering at Oregon State University. He has written approximately 250 publications and is author of several books. A Fellow of the IEEE, DR. Temes has received numerous IEEE awards, including the Centennial Medal, the Technical Achievement Award, and the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Education Award.

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