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Principles of Data Conversion System Design

ISBN: 978-0-7803-1093-3
272 pages
December 1994, Wiley-IEEE Press
Principles of Data Conversion System Design (0780310934) cover image


This advanced text and reference covers the design and implementation of integrated circuits for analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion. It begins with basic concepts and systematically leads the reader to advanced topics, describing design issues and techniques at both circuit and system level. Gain a system-level perspective of data conversion units and their trade-offs with this state-of-the art book. Topics covered include: sampling circuits and architectures, D/A and A/D architectures; comparator and op amp design; calibration techniques; testing and characterization; and more!
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Table of Contents


Introduction to Data Conversion and Processing.

Basic Sampling Circuits.

Sample-and-Hold Architectures.

Basic Principles of Digital-to-Analog Conversion.

Digital-to-Analog Converter Architectures.

Analog-to-Digital Converter Architectures.

Building Blocks Data Conversion Systems.

Precision Techniques.

Testing and Characterization.

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Author Information

BEHZAD RAZAVI, PhD, Professor of Electrical Enginnering at University of California, Los Angeles, is an award-winning author, researcher, and teacher. His research deals with wireless and wireline transceivers, high-speed communication circuits, and data converters. Author of more than 100 papers and seven popular books, Prof. Razavi is a Fellow of the IEEE, has served as an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer, and was recognized as one of the top ten authors in the fifty-year history of the International Solid-State Circuits Conference. He received the IEEE Donald O. Pederson Award in 2012 for his pioneering contributions to the design of high-speed CMOS communication circuits.

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