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Introduction to DWDM Technology: Data in a Rainbow

ISBN: 978-0-7803-5399-2
276 pages
December 1999, Wiley-IEEE Press
Introduction to DWDM Technology: Data in a Rainbow  (0780353994) cover image


"Companies and research labs worldwide are racing to develop Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology, a far-reaching advancement in the fiber optical communications field. To help you keep pace with these latest developments, this all-in-one resource brings you a clear, concise overview of the technology that is transporting and processing vast amounts of information at the speed of light. Until now, no book offered a practical introduction to DWDM advances.

INTRODUCTION TO DWDM TECHNOLOGY will help you learn all the essentials for this emerging field:
* Principles of physics underlying optical devices
* Optical components needed to design optical and DWDM systems
* Coding and decoding techniques used in optical communications
* Overview of DWDM systems
* State-of-the-art research trends

Complete with four-color illustrations to show how devices work, this comprehensive book provides an invaluable discussion of DWDM basics necessary for practicing electrical engineers, optical systems designers, technical managers, and undergraduate students in optical communications.

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htttp://www.ieee.org/organizations/pubs/press/Kartfm.pdf for a complete Table of Contents and a look at the Introduction. You can check out Chapter 5, ""Optical Demultiplexers"" by clicking on

About the Author

Stamatios V. Kartalopoulos is currently on the staff of the Optical Networks Group of Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs Innovations, formerly known as AT&T. His research interests include ATM and SONET/SDH systems, ultrafast pattern recognition, IP and DWDM, access enterprise systems, local area networks, fiber networks, satellite systems, intelligent signal processing, neural networks, and fuzzy logic. He holds several patents of which six patents (and six pending) are in communications and optical communications systems."

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IEEE Communications Society
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Table of Contents





The Nature of Light.

Interaction of Light with Matter.


The Optical Waveguide: The Fiber.

Optical Spectral Filters and Gratings.

Optical Demultiplexers.

Light Sources.


Light Amplifiers.

Other Optical Components.

Optical Cross-Connects.

Optical Add-Drop Multiplexers.


Digital Transmission and Coding Techniques.

Decoding Optical Information.


DWDM Systems.

Engineering DWDM Systems.

DWDM Topologies.


State of the Art.

Acronyms and Abbreviations.



About the Author.
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Author Information

About the Author Stamatios V. Kartalopoulos is on the staff of the Advanced Optical Networking Center of Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs Innovations. His research interests and expertise include DWDM, IP, SONET/SDH and ATM systems and networks, ultrafast pattern recognition, access and enterprise systems, local area networks, satellite systems, protocols, intelligent signal processing, neural networks and fuzzy logic, control architectures, multitasking, and VLSI design. He has led and managed teams in these areas. He holds several patents, six of which (and eight pending) are in communications and optical communications systems. Dr. Kartalopoulos is the author of Understanding SONET/SDH and ATM (IEEE Press, 1999) and Understanding Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic (IEEE Press, 1996). He has published widely on the subject of networks and optical communications systems.
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