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Tcl/Tk for Programmers: With Solved Exercises that Work with Unix and Windows

ISBN: 978-0-8186-8515-6
560 pages
September 1998, Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Press
Tcl/Tk for Programmers: With Solved Exercises that Work with Unix and Windows (0818685158) cover image


This introduction to Tcl/Tk bridges the gaps between introductions, comprehensive manuals, and collections of scripts that solve particular problems. There are over 200 exercises with solutions for both Unix and Windows platforms.

Tcl/Tk for Programmers introduces high-level Tcl/Tk scripting language to experienced programmers with either Unix or Windows backgrounds. It includes a short introduction to TCP/IP, introductions on writing client-side scripts and GUI interfaces as well as integrating scripts with C/C++. In addition to covering version 8.0/8.0, the book describes the major differences between version 8.0/8.0, 7.6/4.2, and the experimental alpha version 8.1/8.1. Zimmer has extensive knowledge of Tcl/Tk programming and currently runs a consulting and training company based on his experience.
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Table of Contents



1. Getting Started.

I: Tcl.

2. Basic Syntax and I/O.

3. Expressions and Branching.

4. Procedures.

5. Data Structures and Iteration.

6. Strings, Files, and Glob Pattern Matching.

7. Regexp and Regsub.

8. Tcl Odds and Ends.

9. More about Procedures.

10. TCP/IP Networks and Event-Driven Programming.

II: Tk.

11. Overview of Tk.

12. Widget Characteristics.

13. Geometry Management.

14. Some Basic Widget Types.

15. List of Widget Types.

16. Bindings.17. Partially Displayed Widgets.

18. Text Widgets.

19. Canvases.

20. Tk Odds and Ends.

21. The Browser Plugin and Safe-Tcl.

III: C/C++.

22. The C/C++ Connection.

23. Essential Library Functions.

24. Some Useful Library Functions.

25. Creating Tcl Objects in C/C++.


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Author Information

J. Adrian Zimmer was raised in Nebraska and lived in Canada, Denmark, and Iran as well as South Carolina, Oklahoma, North Dakota, and Massachusetts. Educated through a postdoc in mathematics, his publications include two books Tcl/Tk for Programmers, I.E.E.E. Computer Society Press, 1998 and  Abstraction for Programmers, McGraw Hill, 1985.
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