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Mountains, Climate and Biodiversity

Carina Hoorn (Editor), Allison Perrigo (Editor), Alexandre Antonelli (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-119-15987-2
544 pages
April 2018, Wiley-Blackwell

Mountains, Climate and Biodiversity: A comprehensive and up-to-date synthesis for students and researchers

Mountains are topographically complex formations that play a fundamental role in regional and continental-scale climates. They are also cradles to all major river systems and home to unique, and often highly biodiverse and threatened, ecosystems. But how do all these processes tie together to form the patterns of diversity we see today?

Written by leading researchers in the fields of geology, biology, climate, and geography, this book explores the relationship between mountain building and climate change, and how these processes shape biodiversity through time and space.

  • In the first two sections, you will learn about the processes, theory, and methods connecting mountain building and biodiversity
  • In the third section, you will read compelling examples from around the world exploring the links between mountains, climate and biodiversity
  • Throughout the 31 peer-reviewed chapters, a non-technical style and synthetic illustrations make this book accessible to a wide audience
  • A comprehensive glossary summarises the main concepts and terminology

Readership: Mountains, Climate and Biodiversity is intended for students and researchers in geosciences, biology and geography. It is specifically compiled for those who are interested in historical biogeography, biodiversity and conservation.


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Mountains, Climate and Biodiversity