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The Demise of COBOL? Hardly!

COBOL is alive and well, and few things concern the COBOL course more than the Y2K problem. As you know, COBOL programs are the ones most severely impacted by this problem-- the Sterns estimate that the amount of COBOL code currently in use impacted by the Y2K problem ranges from 150 to 200 billion lines of code!

To help your students understand this problem, the Sterns have prepared a brand new chapter to supplement STRUCTURED COBOL PROGRAMMING, Eighth Edition. The chapter, called COBOL AND THE YEAR 2000 PROBLEM, presents a thorough look at what the problem is, how it arose, and what can be done about it. Your students will learn:

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Links to the Y2K Problem on the World Wide Web

A Year 2000 Newspaper

Automation 2000 - a resource for tackling the embedded millennium bug within production machinery, process plant and equipment control systems, in manufacturing, utility and service industries.

Articles and more aout Y2K from Money Magazine.

2000AD, Home Page of Newsletter TickTickTick...a newsletter for millennial management.

JBA Year 2000 Page - - a free business guide, reviews of related sites and a java applet illustrating the problem.

ITANZ Year 2000-- a reference library, software/hardware compliance information, y2k certification and more.

The SEC and the Year 2000

The Year 2000 Information Center / Millennium Bug--provides information and solutions to the year 2000 computer crisis. The clock is ticking ...

Y2KEURO-- the 'other' Y2K problem!

An informational site about COBOL and the Y2K problem

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