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Glossary: G

general-purpose computer
A computer suitable for being programmed for a wide variety of tasks or applications.

gigabyte (GB)
A measure of main memory or auxiliary storage size, comprising one billion storage positions.

gigaflop (GFLOP)
A billion floating-point computer instructions per second, a measure of the enormous number of operations carried out by supercomputers today (giga = billion).

A popular text-based worldwide document search and retrieval protocol developed for the Internet.

grammar and style checker
A program that checks for punctuation errors, does limited grammar checking, and flags awkward usage.

grammatical analysis
An area of linguistic application of computers in which the machine is programmed to parse sentences, an area of research that needs improvement before it will be widely used in practical applications.

graphical user interface (GUI)
A computer interface, commonly accessed with a pointing device like a mouse, that uses pictures, graphic symbols, windows, and menus to represent commands, choices, and actions.

graphical workstation
A computer designed specifically to carry out complicated graphics speedily and efficiently.

graphics package
Software for drawing, charting, and presenting graphics and illustrations.

graphics primitives
A set of graphic drawing elements like point markers, various types of lines, arcs and curves, circles, and closed polygons, included in software for CAD.

graphics processor
Part of a raster graphics display system that prepares pixel information for the frame buffer.

gray scale
A term applied to the gradations of shadings from white to black that result from attaching an RGB video board to a monochrome screen.

A robotic arm capable of moving in three-dimensional space and picking up another object.

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