Welcome to the quizzing area of the Biochemistry web site. Here you'll be able to test your knowledge by taking quizzes which feature interactive animations illustrating and demonstrating concepts found in the book. These quizzes have been designed to be used as a way for students to test and improve their knowledge of lessons taught in the book.

Note: All quizzes require you to have the latest version of Shockwave installed.

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An Explanation of How the Quizzes Work

Types of Quizzes
You will notice that each chapter has it's own quiz and each quiz can be taken in one of two ways -- either as "practice" or "graded".

  • Practice -- These quizzes will allow you to choose the size of the quiz you wish to take. Before a practice quiz begins you will be told the total number of questions which are available within the quiz. You can then specify the number of questions you wish to do in a practice quiz. The quizzer will automatically take a random grouping of questions and then present those questions to you.

    For example, you decide to take a practice quiz and are informed that it contains a total of 50 questions. If you wanted, you could take the entire practice quiz and ask for all 50 questions. However, you are a little tight for time and decide to take a shorter quiz and type in 15 questions. The quizzer selects 15 random questions from the 50 available, randomizes the order of the questions as well, and then presents them to you.

    A practice quiz has no time limit and you can take as many practice quizzes as you wish. Each time you take a practice quiz it will be slightly different as the questions are always randomly ordered.

  • Graded -- A graded quiz is a pre-determined set of questions which is randomly ordered and presented to the student. Plus, after a student has completed a graded quiz their score can be automatically emailed to a professor. Before a graded quiz begins you will be asked to fill in your name and the email address of the person who should receive the results of your test. A graded quiz consists of questions which are very similar to those found in a practice quiz, but not exactly the same (hence, you will do better in a graded quiz if you take a few practice quizzes first). The questions found with a graded quiz are always the same, but randomly ordered.
    Animations are not available while you are taking the graded quiz but are included as an option while reviewing your test results.

Interactive Animations
Some practice questions will have an interactive animation associated with it.

You will need to view this animation to correctly answer the question. Questions which feature an interactive animation will display a "VIEW ANIMATION" button below the question. Simply click this button and a new window will be opened containing the question's animation.

Types of Questions
Each quiz can consists of four possible question types -- multiple choice, true and false, fill-in the blank, and matching.

  • Multiple Choice -- You will be presented with a question and up to four possible answers. Click on the answer you feel is correct.
  • True and False -- You will be given a question and choice of either "true" or "false". Select the answer you feel is correct.
  • Fill-in the Blank -- A sentence with a missing word or set of words will be presented to you. You must correctly type in the answer. Note that sometimes more than one answer can be correct. Also make sure to type in your answer carefully as inaccurate spelling may affect your grade.
  • Matching -- A series of words and phrases will be presented in two columns. Your task is to match the items in the left column with the items in the right column. Simply click on the item in the left column followed by the item in the right to make a match. You can always change your selection by clicking a new left and right column match.
Once you have completed a quiz you will be given your final score and you will be able to review all the questions within the quiz. Your final score is based on 100% of a total that is determined as follows: Each multiple-choice, true and false, and fill-in the blank question is worth 1 point. Each correct match in a matching exercise is worth 1 point (i.e. a matching exercise which contains 6 matching items will be worth 6 points total). Questions which are left blank are counted as incorrect, so don't leave any answers blank!

During the review portion of your quiz correct answers for all multiple-choice and true and false questions will be highlighted in green. If your answer was incorrect it will be highlighted in red and the correct answer will be highlighted in green. Fill-in the blank exercises will have a checkmark next to those which are correct, and a red "X" next those which are incorrect. Matching exercises will list those matchings you got correct and which you got incorrect.

A Note to Instructors
These quizzes were designed as practice quizzes or homework assignments and the animations are an enhancement to the static figures in the book. You can assign practice and graded quizzes to your classes as you see fit, and supply your students with an email address so they can send their test results for the graded quizzes. Each animation has the figure number that it corresponds to in the book.