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Vegetation and Land Use / Land Cover Change 

in the Virunga Region
A Vertical Transect from the Graben near Lake Edward 
to the Summit of Mt. Karisimbi

Slide 1: View of the Western Rift Valley from the banks of the Rutshuru river in its lower reaches. Note the riparian vegetation and a "hippo wallow" across the river as well as the dry savanna bush on the poorly drained clay soils of the floodplain in the background. This site is near the bottom of the graben just to the south of Lake Edward which is in the distant haze (see photo of fisherfolk on Lake Edward, Tour III Slide 24). Slide 22 Tour III shows the dry savanna grasslands on the slightly higher better-drained upland soils above the floodplain. Gallery forest and other more dense riparian vegetation is shown farther upstream on the Rutshuru in Tour III Slide 23; in this slide the river has incised heavily into the valley or graben. 

Image credit: photo by Robert E. Ford, Westminster College of Salt Lake City, Utah 

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