Case 7 Virtual Tour and Activities 
Landscape and Life along the East African Rift: 
the Virunga Mountains, Rwanda 
by Robert E. Ford

 Virtual Tours 
 To Tour 1  Tour I 

    The East African Rift System: a tour from space and ground-level 
 To Tour 2  Tour II  
    The Western Rift Valley (WRV) from space: northern Lake Tanganyika to Lake Albert 
 To Tour 3  Tour III  
    Ground-level tour of Virunga volcanic and tectonic features and landscapes
 To Tour 4  Tour IV  
    Spatial-geographic overview of the Virunga Region
To Tour 4  Tour V
    Human-environment interaction in the Virunga Region.

More Learning Activities 
  Global Learning Project Ideas 
  Image Analysis/GIS Activities 
  Quantitative/Statistical Analysis Activities 

Contacts, Credits, and Feedback  Contacts, Credits & Feedback  

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