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Online Research

When it comes to tracking down company information, the web makes your life very easy. (Getting this info was once very hard work). Some excellent places to search for financial information include EDGAR, the repository of all SEC filings; CNNfn's Reference Desk; Yahoo's company listing; the Annual Reports Library; Corporate Financials Online; and Hoovers Online, which offers very readable company stories and descriptions. You might also be interested in checking out Hirst's write-up on finding company financials, The Fortune 500 listing and The Thomas Registar. For foreign companies and business developments, good resources include Business Monitor (UK & Europe), Europages, and the Global 500 List.

The web abounds with reference materials that will help you track down other info as well. Sites to try include My Virtual Reference Desk, BRINT (Business Researcher's Interest), Glossary of Financial Terms, Financial Data Finder, IOMA, Peerscape, Hirst's write-up on industry data, Manufacturing Statistics (for industry info), Statistical Abstract of the United States, CIA World Factbook, Thomas (for government info), and the Interamerican Development Bank.

Ever think of researching a small business idea? There's a number of interesting links to try including the Idea Cafe, American Express Small Business Exchange, Texas Marketplace, and the Small Business Administration.

A phenomenonal resource is Hirst's Financial Accounting Resources Guide. This will help you become a good researcher in no time.

One of the best research resources on the web is the wealth of news and market data at your finger tips. You can often track down relevant articles by following what's going on in magazines and the papers. Some of the following sites should prove helpful: