Chapter 18
Conflict and Negotiation

Exercise 18-4: Conflicting Parties and Their Effects on The Workplace Activity

High performance organizations like IBM have to capitalize on diversity. Go to and conduct a search on "diversity." Click on IBM Diversity and review IBM Diversity Overview, Letter from the Chairman, and Workplace to answer the following questions.

  1. According to IBM, "In our diversity, we find a central thread that connects the marketplace to the IBM workplace. To know our markets and serve them well requires that we understand them."

    Based on the above statements, what two parties could have potential conflict between each other?

  2. According to the Letter from the Chairman, how many IBM employees could contribute to the emergence of dysfunctional situations; thus demonstrating the importance of their cultural diversity program?

  3. IBM states, "In our marketplace, we value different points of view, fresh perspectives and new approaches. So that every one of us receives the encouragement to make original, meaningful contribution." This statement is an example of what type of conflict?

  4. A source of potential disagreement (conflict) between men and women could be pay. What is IBM's view on this issue?

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