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Chapter 7

Just-In-Time Systems


OM Across the Organization:









On-Line Plant Tours:

Toyota Motor Corporation


This animated tour shows you four parts to the production process at Toyota. Customers and products, the flow, assembling a car and smoothing the flow.

1. Can you identify any JIT beliefs that govern this organization from this video? Explain.

2. What do you think is the most important JIT element for this organization?

  1. Describe the role of people at this organization from what you have seen in the video? Are they an integral part of the product, or not? Explain,


Alembic Inc.


For over 30 years, Alembic has created the finest quality American made instruments especially basses. This pictorial tour depicts all the aspects of the production process highlighting the employees who do the work.

1. Can you identify elements of a JIT program at Alembic? If so, what are they?

2. Does this company manufacture its goods in a "pull" or "push" production system?


Henry Halstead


For many years now Henry Halstead have made a major contribution towards the efforts of numerous organizations seeking 'World Class' manufacturing status. The Henry Halstead approach to total component management is an all embracing commitment to customer satisfaction. By providing a value added service which is unrivalled, Halsteads have clearly demonstrated to companies in diverse sectors such as Automotive, Electronics, Furniture Manufacturing, Domestic Appliances and Machine Tool Builders, just what substantial improvements and hidden cost savings can be made. The tour takes you through a description of what the Kanban system is and how it works in the organization.

  1. Describe how the Kanban system works within this organization.
  2. What are the benefits derived from using the Kanban system?
  3. Do you think this system helps the organization in achieving its mission?




This company tries to create the perfect sounding amp that will satisfy a wide range of guitarists. This 12-step tour takes you through the different production processes at the company.

  1. Based on the information given on this tour, can you identify any examples of the companyís use of JIT, especially with regards to its people?
  2. List some of the roles of the production employees? Do they follow a JIT system?


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