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New in ¡Con brío!, 3rd Edition

We're grateful for the many good ideas and suggestions from instructors and reviewers at schools throughout the United States that led to the following changes:

Broader Scope:

  • The Third Edition now has a Scope and Sequence that clearly outlines all of the language concepts covered in each chapter and distinguishes between concepts that are fundamental to developing beginning level proficiency and aspects of mechanics and usage. The Scope and Sequence links the core text to expansion topics in the Grammar Handbook in WileyPLUS.
  • Affirmative commands are now introduced beginning with -ar verbs in Capítulo 3 and conclude with a review and presentation of negative commands in Capítulo 6. Relative pronouns are introduced in Capítulo 12.
  • Historietas comic strips that contextualize new language concepts in everyday conversations now precede all linguistic explanations, and those explanations draw example sentences right from the Historietas.

Increased Practice:

  • The unique En vivo live language learning option gives students the opportunity to practice their new language skills in weekly conversations with native speaker coaches.
  • A completely revised Tu mundo en vivo section at the end of each chapter explores culture in ways designed to appeal to varying learning styles (¡Videos en acción!, ¡Diálogos en acción!, and ¡Lectura en acción!) and a variety of output opportunities (¡A conversar!, ¡A escribir!, ¡A investigar!) draw on all of the language skills with clearly stated strategies that help students express their own ideas in Spanish. ¡A conversar! and ¡A escribir! activities now appear in each chapter, and there are two additional ¡A conversar! activities in WileyPLUS.
  • A new Trivia activity in each Tu mundo en vivo section poses questions about the demographics, education, and economy of countries referenced in the chapter.

Totally Integrated CMS Option:

  • WileyPLUS and WileyPLUS Premium courses are now fully integrated with Blackboard.

Engaging Pedagogy:

  • ¡Diálogos en acción! section uses short recordings of unscripted, spontaneous conversations between native speakers that use vocabulary and grammar structures from the chapter in one or more linguistic functions crucial for basic communicative competence. There are two Diálogos per chapter: one with activities in the core textbook, and the other in WileyPLUS.
  • A new ¡A investigar! section encourages students to explore the Spanish-speaking world around them through research tasks related to chapter themes. Paired with strategies for finding and using appropriate sources, ¡A investigar! helps develop digital literacy, encourages collaboration, and allows students to make connections between learning Spanish and exploring their own interests.
  • ¡Videos en acción! includes several new segments, and the Mientras ves el video activity can be completed online in WileyPLUS. Each chapter now grabs students' attention with a video introduced at the beginning.

Further Revisions:

  • Revisions include updated ¿Sabes que…? information, revised PowerPoints, Activities Manual (Workbook/Lab Manual), Grammar Handbook, and Testing Program. Autoprueba y repaso is now available in WileyPLUS.
  • Expanded instructors' annotations in the Tu mundo cultural and Tu mundo en vivo sections indicate the ACTFL standards met, and the modes of communication practiced through the various readings, realia, and activities.
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