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A little time with ORION goes a long way.

Based on usage data, students who engage in ORION adaptive practice—just a few minutes per week—get better outcomes. In fact, students who used ORION five or more times over the course of a semester reported the following results:

Real-life stories of how ORION transformed the teaching and learning experience.

“Students interact with the content before they come to class.”

—DeAnna Kirchen, Professor, Santiago Canyon College

“Monitoring student progress during the semester is extremely important, and intervening is just vital.”

—Sean Hickey, University of New Orleans

“I immediately realized the program would be a huge help.”

—Jonte Ray, Charity School of Nursing, New Orleans

“ORION has helped me keep my head level and know where I am in my class. It’s been tremendously helpful.”

— Josh L., Santiago Canyon College

WileyPLUS with ORION helps students learn by learning about them.