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Wiley is proud to publish John Schermerhorn's innovative and applied books for the introductory management courses. Dr. Schermerhorn's philosophy is anchored in bridging the gap between theory and practice of management in the classroom. His series of academic publications—Management 11e, Exploring Management 3e and Organizational Behavior 12e—are an important part of the Wiley mission to provide the most current and comprehensive solutions to meet the changing needs of faculty and students.

Dr. Schermerhorn's pedagogical foundations are based on four constructive balances, which he believes are essential to the agenda of higher education for business and management:

  1. The balance of research insights with formative education.
  2. The balance of management theory with management practice.
  3. The balance of present understanding with future possibilities.
  4. The balance of what "can" be done with what is the "right" thing to do.

Dr. Schermerhorn's instructional approach and materials deliver on these tenets, while inspiring students toward life-long learning of essential management skills.