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To see the changes in the new edition, please open the interactive chapter

OB in Popular Culture

This new feature links popular movies and television shows to management concepts. Examples include: Cross Cultural Communication and The Amazing Race; Intrinsic/Extrinsic Rewards and New Balance; Intuition and U.S. Air Flight 1549; Social Loafing and Survivor.

Finding the Leader in You

This new section features innovative business leaders in context related to chapter content. Examples include: Jeff Bezos, Amazon; Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo; Richard Branson, Virgin Group; Sarah Blakely, Spanx; Alan Mulally, Ford; Patricia Karter, Dancing Deer Baking Company.

Chapter Openers

Chapter Openers have been redesigned to feature current topics and examples, including the Chilean miners, employee autonomy, Animoto, social media and corporations, Whole Foods and more.

Margin Photo Essays

These brief and timely photo essays will get students thinking and talking. Examples include: Employee Morale Varies Around the World; Teams Aren't Always Good for Productivity; Burgers and Benefits Are Good at In-N-Out Burger; All that Twitters is not Gold.

Updated! Ethics in OB

Chapter opening vignettes links chapter topics with popular culture examples from movie and television. Examples include The Social Network, Lost, Tron: Legacy, Forest Gump, The Terminal, Patch Adams, and Iron Man 2.

New and Updated Cases

Five new cases have been added and all cases have been updated to include current information about the organization or individual highlighted in the case.