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A Dynamic Nutrition Course That Helps Students Apply The Science To Their Everyday Lives

Nutrition: Science and Applications 3rd Edition, together with WileyPLUS, gives you all the resources you need to give introductory students with varying science backgrounds a solid foundation for making healthy food choices. Using student-tested pedagogy to promote understanding of complex concepts, the text is designed to help students understand the science of nutrition and apply that understanding to their everyday lives. The authors accomplish this by engaging students in an active learning environment, and providing tools for you, the professor, to enliven your classrooms, presentations, and discussions.

Because nutrition courses may differ somewhat in approach, Nutrition: Science and Applications 3rd Edition allows you to clearly identify the key concepts you are covering and implement a course system that reinforces your own particular goals and outcomes. A variety of presentation, assessment and reporting tools keyed to course objectives allow you to select which learning objectives you wish to cover and then select only the corresponding resources you need.

WileyPLUS adds a turnkey complete solution for course preparation, with classroom-tested learning aids and presentation tools keyed to the goals and learning objectives of your course. Complete with interactive remediation tools for students needing help with basic science and math, interactive animations that walk students through the toughest topics in the course, as well as teaching resources designed to address different learning styles, WileyPLUS provides you with a valuable mechanism for improving student learning and documenting successful completion of desired course outcomes.